I was born yesterday in left shoe. on the ledge. On the wall hung a milk.
I looked through the window. On the sky shined fried egg.
I pulled on the right shoe end left home.
I trod on the cross-road. I had a look to the four quarters of the globe
and I chose fifth.
The fifth part was orange. I plunged in its a finger, a hand, myself.
Ants, white ants, many ants. Ants in eyes, ants in mouth, right and lefts,
all around - ants. I closed eyes. Opened eyes. I was on a flat concrete square. I went before myself.
Paris, a four o'clock in the morning. Sunrise. Closed cafes. Women, women in black, opposite me, I go to her. She is naked, she smile. Face to face. I kiss her.
White and cold about me. White desert. On the table stood the bottle red whine and the glass. I took the glass to hand. I raised it. Wine was spilt in mouth myself.
My bed. Near me women. This women is green. She changes hues of green.
She encircled me.
I lie on the street. Cars rides beside my head. I got up. I saw about me.
This was city. Big city. I entered into it.
I took a walk, I saw, I quested. People round me. Outcasts, ladies and gentlemen's, children. Adults, young people , old people. I didn't touch them.
I walked up to the glass. I saw my reflection. Glass melted. Spread me heat wave.
I went out of the city.
Green glade. The sky. The sun. What is my name?
My name is...? In front of me rabbit appeared and asked: what is your name?
Mouse, which nearly trampled under foot, asked: what is your name?
The fly asked: what is your name?
I don't now. I don't now of my name. I don't now where I am.
I don't now why I am here.
Rabbit said: gone and searched. Mouse said: exited from sunk underground.
Fly said: flown up.
I went and searched but I don't now I found. I don't now I will search still.
I stood while and I went home.
This is the day before.

Jacek Lidwin, June, 2002


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